Areas of expertise - Pre & Post Natal


Why do pre and post-natal training?

Training during pregnancy is a great way to strengthen core muscles needed for giving birth. It’s also brilliant for reducing back pain, increasing energy levels and speeding up post-natal recovery. My post-natal training focuses on teaching women how to train after pregnancy, having experienced major changes to their bodies. For both pre and post-natal, it’s really important to know what you can and can’t do and how far you can push yourself – that’s where I come in.

The changes you’ll see.

It’s more about the changes you’ll feel during pregnancy: you will feel more comfortable as your body goes through changes and be physically stronger for the birth. During post-natal training, you’ll see the return of former definition.

Beyond the physical.

Lots of clients tell me that they feel energised when they train during pregnancy. It’s also a great source of confidence for many women as they approach their due date.