Areas of expertise - Boxing


Why take up boxing?

There are loads of reasons why I recommend boxing to my clients. For starters, it’s fun! And you learn a completely new skill while getting into shape – which is a huge incentive. More than that, it’s one of the most complete workouts you can get. You’re using arm muscles to jab and defend, building your leg muscles via footwork and it’s cardio so you’re always burning fat.

The changes you’ll see.

Because boxing is a full body workout it’s a killer way to tone your body or build muscle mass. You can really design and condition the body you want by boxing – that’s why so many people love it. Plus, you’ll improve your agility, speed, balance and coordination too.

Beyond the physical.

Boxing is well known as a great reliever of tension – throwing a few punches on pads in the gym never hurt anyone! It’s also a confidence builder: finding the strength and attitude it takes to box will carry through to your every day life.

Boxing for women.

Boxing is in no way confined to men; some of the best boxers I train are women. They love it for all of the above reasons.