A bit about me


I’ll tell you a bit about myself and hopefully dispel a few personal trainer myths as well. As a kid I loved food and it loved me back, but I wasn’t so keen on exercise. In short, I know what it feels like to be unhappy with your body. So I set some goals, overcame some major barriers, worked hard and over time got myself in shape. No I haven’t looked back. Yes my experience has motivated me to help people feel better about themselves too. 

I’ve been a personal trainer now for ten years. And an amazing ten years it’s been. I train with people one-on-one, teach classes, create tailored programmes, teach other trainers and have a crew of happy clients that I regularly help achieve their fitness goals. The award-winning Fit Kwik programme – an antidote to faddy diets – was my creation. I’ve also completed the gruelling Tough Mudder a couple times and am going for the hat-trick. 

No matter who I’m training, I create programmes geared towards individuals’ strengths, aims and likes – which makes the world of difference to your enthusiasm for working out. It’s not about intimidating you into working hard, it’s about inspiring you to want to work hard. Simple really: if you enjoy your sessions, exercise becomes something you look forward to – be it online or in person. Helping people to feel, look and get better is really rewarding, so it’s safe to say that I love what I do.